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Wild Hearts PS5 | VideoGame | English

Hunt Giant Nature-Infused Beasts: Survive their attacks, learn from their behaviors, and use your Karakuri and your weapons in combination to cut these creatures down to size
Craft Your Hunting Grounds: You are the only one in Azuma able to wield the Karakuri technology; This ancient tech enables you to adapt your environment into creative hunting grounds ideal for taking down the giant Kemono
Hunt In A Pack, Or Be A Lone Wolf: In WILD HEARTS you can face the Kemono alone or unite with up to two friends (or other players) to stalk and hunt your prey
Ear Up To Hunt, Hunt To Gear Up: The more you hunt, the more you progress; Create your character, then gather materials from each hunt and build an array of armor and weapons to bring down even bigger beasts
Explore A Fantasy Medieval Japan: Experience four season-based hunting grounds – each region with its own beautiful landscapes and dangers
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