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SJ@JX Arcade Game Stick DIY Kit LED Buttons Cherry MX Microswitch Lamp Controller USB Encoder Gamepad Cable for Hit Box PC PS3 MAME Raspberry Pi

Special design to assemble the Hit Box style arcade rocker with LED buttons.
The Hit Box is an all-button arcade controller designed to give you more deliberate control in fighting games.
LED Cherry MX Black Switch Button. Non-clicky Recycling 50 million times. Contains Logo and LED.
Suitable for PS3, Raspberry Pi, Retropie, MAME and all windows systems! Hold the Mode key for 5 seconds to switch to mode.
Button Hole 28mm, USB Cable 180cm, Button Cable 20cm.
Prezzo: 39,99 €
(alla data del Feb 14, 2023 13:46:30 UTC – Dettagli)

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