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Lego Lord of the Rings [Edizione: Regno Unito]

Explore Middle-earth and experience epic battles with Orcs, Uruk-hai, the Balrog, the Witch-king, and other fearsome creatures
Wield the power of The One Ring, and enter the Twilight World of the Ringwraiths
Experience the LEGO The Lord of the Rings heroes come to life in an all new way with the minifig characters delivering the dialogue from the films
Collect, combine and forge new items in the Blacksmith Shop using Mithril, the most precious metal in Middle-earth
Discover and unlock more than 80 playable characters, including Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, and many others
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(alla data del Oct 07, 2020 20:52:23 UTC – Dettagli)

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