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GUOJIAYIn-Ear Gaming Headset Gaming Bluetooth Headset N

Professional noise reduction: Even in busy streets/offices/buses/trains/cars, etc., you can immerse yourself in the world of music.
High-quality audio: very suitable for home offices, e-sports games, online classrooms, virtual meetings, etc.
Lightweight: flexible and very durable, better gaming experience. Reduce head pressure and bring lasting comfort
Bluetooth connection: compatible with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart TV computers, etc. All-weather charging can be used for uninterrupted listening.
Quality Assurance: The company will conduct strict inspections before shipment. Your satisfaction will be 100% guaranteed. We will ship the order within 24 hours after you place the order.
Prezzo: 161,21 €
(alla data del Oct 08, 2022 10:07:48 UTC – Dettagli)

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